BETAplast™ B

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  • Highly absorbent dressing applied to heavy exudative wounds
  • Used along with BETAplastTM N
  • Partial and full thickness dermal ulcer (including pressure ulcers)
  • Superficial third degree burns
  • Leg ulcers
  • Stoma, Cavity wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
Use BETAplast™ B_ How it works
Figures are for representative only. Not drawn to scale.

1. Absorptive Layer1,2

  • Optimal absorption and retention
  • Avoid leave on residue of dressing on the wound surface
  • Non-adherent to the wound
Clean the wound before applying the dressing.
Remove the dressing from the pouch.
Place the dressing onto wound site. Ensure dressing size is larger than the wound site.
Secure dressing with secondary protective dressing (eg. Retention dressing or bandage).
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Use BETAplast™ B_2
Use BETAplast™ B_3
Use BETAplast™ B_4
Discontinue use if reddening or sensitization occurs.
Do not use if packaging or pouch is damaged.
Keep out of children’s reach.
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