Infection in Wound

Wound infection gives rise to many complications.3

  • Increased pain severity
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Reduced patient's quality of life
  • Increased healthcare costs

By reducing wound infection, BETAplast™ targets one of the most challenging aspects of wound management1-3

Wound infection is a major contributing factor to the pain of dressing changes.4

Experience of Pain at dressing changes
Pain experience at dressing changes

Patients experienced no wound infections at sites dressed with BETAplast™ compared to traditional wound dressings.1

BETAplastTM is favourable in preventing infections and healing of wounds vs. other advanced wound dressing.2

Infection rate with BETAplastTM vs. Vaseline gauze in burns donor site
Wound Infection rate

With BETAplastTM you are ideally equipped to reduce the occurrence of wound infections

Wound dressing with less cost

“I’m worried about my wound getting infected and taking longer to heal. It’s painful and adds to my medical costs.”*

* This is illustrative and not an actual patient quote
  • BETADINE® solution is a broad-spectrum antiseptic that treats infection.5,8
  • BETAplastTM N provides a protective outer layer to help prevent infection.2,6
BETAplast™ N prevent infection
BETAplast ™ for Silver to reduce infection

BETAplastTM Silver provides optimal concentration of silver sulfadiazine over one week, which is effective in managing contaminated wounds.7

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