Packaging Guide

Overview of BETAplastTM Product Range Packaging

BETAplastTM has two types(1) Foam Range and (2) Hydrocolloid Range. The product packaging is simple to understand for health care professionals and patients.

BETAplastTM Foam Range

  • BETAplastTM N
  • BETAplastTM B
  • BETAplastTM F
  • BETAplastTM Silver

BETAplastTM Hydrocolloid Range

  • BETAplastTM H

Carton Packaging

For easy reference, this packaging guide is applicable to all BETAplastTM products


Product Name - A

Indications - B

Quantity and dimensions - C

D - Product Illustration


Instructions for Use - E

F - Manufacturer and Distributor Details

Side - 1


G-1 - Temperature limits 1°C–30°C

G-2 - Do not re-use

G-3 - Do not use if package is opened or damaged

G-4 - Keep out of the rain and do not to store it in damp conditions; Keep away from water.

G-5 - Keep away from sunlight

G-6 -

Consult instructions for use

G-7 - CE mark including SGS (notified body) identification number. Product conforms with the essential equipments in the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ECC

G-8 - Sterilized using irradiation

Side - 2


H-1 ----------- Date of manufacture

H-2 ----------- Batch Code

H-3 ----------- Use by date

H-8 - Catalogue number

Pouch Packaging

Carton packs comes with 10 (ten) pieces pouches. The pouch which made of metallic material sealed each dressing safely.

Cutting Guide - A

Product Name - B

Indications - C

Quantity and dimensions - D

Size - E

F - Instructions for Use

G - Pharmaceutical Packaging Icons

H - Manufacturing Codes and Information