SMARTPORE Technology - Benefits

Make the right choice with BETAplastTM
SMARTPORE Technology

BETAplast™ SMARTPORE Technology

Benefits for you and your patient

  1. Has high absorption and retention capacity.1-5
  2. Accelerates healing time and helps patient return to normal routine activities without anxiety.4
  3. Reduces pain of dressing change and inconvenience for patients.4
  4. Reduces frequency of wound dressing, frequency of visits and related costs.4

SMARTPORE Technology reduces trauma at dressing changes2-4

The pore size of BETAplast™ is smaller than fibroblasts, which measures150μm after 24 hours (time of spreading).6 With this, there is minimal painful shearing of new tissue when the dressing is changed.2
BETAplast™ has the smallest average pore size of wound contact layer at 25-75μm compared with another advanced wound dressing.2,5

Introducing SMARTPORE Technology

  • SMARTPORE Technology Cell
  • Product A52-154+
  • Product B53-158+
  • Product A132-214+
  • Product L22-88+
  • Product P112-423+
  • Product S75-255+
  • Product Cabove 1000+
  • Product T62-232+
  • Product S188-453+
  • Product M55-343+
  • Product P165-348+
Footnote: + = Average pore size range
Figures are representative only. Not drawn to scale.

Treatment outcome

In over 90%  of surgery cases,* surgeons assessed  BETAplast™ as "excellent" or "good" in wound healing and change in wound conditions in terms of re-epithelization, exudation, and infections.3

BETAplast™ SMARTPORE Technology demonstrates vertical and high absorption capacity7

Dressing with high absorption capacity reduces the potential for wound and peri-wound area maceration.8

Competitor on Absorption
Foam Dressing 'A'
BETAplast™ Vertical and higher absorption capacity

BETAplast™ provides an optimal moisture vapour transmission rate in range of 799~827 g/m2/day.3,5

Comparison 5 minutes after dropping 10mL of liquid onto a foam dressing 'A' (left) and BETAplast™ (right) 9
Figures are for representative only. Not drawn to scale.
*Penile surgery

Unique Feature

BETAplast™ has no leakage issue due to its optimal exudate management capabilities.*2,4

*Dressing change was assessed according to level of exudates and degree of wound healing.

BETAplastTM provides optimal absorption and retention of exudate1-4

BETAplastTM has the capacity to absorb 13.5x its initial weight7
Optimal absorption and retention of exudate
BETAplastTM has the capacity to retain 6x its initial weight7
Optimal absorption and retention of exudate
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